Navigating Current Energetic Deviations Into a New Place

March 25, 2019

Energy has been ALL OVER the place this past week! Lots of "oddness" all around, within and without. Continuing on from last week's episode, we talk about how those little pieces of "darkness" are bubbling up, another round of resolution and completion of all types for many of us. Going beyond that, there's also the consideration of our BEing... and how to expand from THAT. More clarity on the "DOing from BEing" concept... and what's crucial for us to make this "next step forward."

Hidden Dependencies and Self-Limitations, How to Get Beyond Them - 3/18/19

March 18, 2019

The more we commit to existing from higher consciousness, the more we sometimes feel like we trip ourselves up over some things we THINK we dealt with and cleared up a long time ago. This week we talked about why this cycles around and "comes back"- which tends to be around hidden dependencies of the ego ("my precioussssss") - and how to see it and BE differently to be free.

This can feel hugely liberating... and it can also feel overwhelming and as if one has hit "rock bottom." Regardless... it's HUGELY productive and expansive for all of us!

Comparing Yourself to Others, Feeling Lack? Shifting to BEing Full Potential - 3/11/19

March 12, 2019

With so many of us going through major changes and shifts in our realities, the ego sometimes lifts it's head and panics. How we do this: By looking at others in our reality, comparing ourselves... and often wanting to come up short. This is from a deeply ingrained habit of believing that "DOing" is so much more important than "BEing." There are many other underlying beliefs around this, but this week, we focus on getting beyond judgment and into not just acceptance, but exaltation! As always, great energy share at the end!

Freeing Ourselves to Authenticity (and the MANY Layers to That) - 3/4/19

March 4, 2019

After aligning ourselves to exist in freedom at a new level of Remembrance, to allow a new level of authenticity, we talk about the little things that feed into that which we most often overlook in every day existence. Next, it's shifting to a level where we DO from BEing... vs. DOing to BE. What that's about, how it relates... and igniting te power of one's full BEing!

Evolving Beyond the Limits of the Mind/Ego - Element-ally - 2/20/19

February 20, 2019

We started the week talking about getting beyond the entangled mess of the ego/mind, breaking free of the limits we allow to distract us that prevent the full stepping into our power and authenticity.

Somehow, we knew it connected to the "magic of the Earth-project," but we needed it to come together over a few days (and thus, why we did this on Wednesday vs. Monday)!

Words don't give this justice; listen in... FEEL in... because this is the key to some very core, complete, evolutionary shifting (and why).

Once that shift starts to happen, all of this entanglements just fall away.

Evolving from Loneliness to Singular Wholeness - 2/11/19

February 12, 2019

Many have an underlying fear of loneliness - living alone, dying alone, being alone - which often drives them deeper into that experience. That's where we start in this episode... and expand from there. We talk about how to shift and evolve this, then expand to discuss how to be able to use energy differently to create from a whole yet individual level, free of judgment, and celebrating the past creations of ours as we evolve past them for more efficient, effective methods of creation of our reality.

Perspective Beyond the Burning Bushes to Self-Love and Authenticity - 2/4/19

February 4, 2019

Such a powerful gift in this discussion! When we have intense anger, fear, judgment, etc. come up, one of the most important parts of committing to the journey of Divine Self-Remembrance is staying in observance, even if there are huge wildfires going on emotionally from the ego!

Starting with Angela's personal experience of a fit of anger (and Sarah's in parallel), walking through the importance of letting the fire run its course without further feeding it as best as possible. Keeping "our eyes on the prize" - the authenticity of being our fully empowered Divine Self - to get through a TON of deep, hidden limitations that we might not believe we still have on the journey.

How this is UBER powerful... and an incredible gift... beyond what the mind *thinks* is necessary ("analysis paralysis), and why it's EVEN MORE powerful when we get beyond that in practice.

That's just the beginning... where we end up is a celebration of ourselves, in full unconditional self-love, self-realization, and authenticity, in the full potential of the Divine, infinite Beings we are. HUGELY powerful energy share at the end... join us!

Cleansing the Temple (Including Bringing to Light What’s Hidden in Plain Sight) - 1/28/19

January 28, 2019

There are MANY ways we can help ourselves align the physical with the non-physical to support our energetic shifting. How it's all important, how it translates, what we can do - little, biteable pieces, in everyday life - that relieves the distracted, weighed down energy in "hidden" everyday programs into free flowing alignment and supports shifting to a much different existence of consciousness. Easy to do today... just do it! As always, great energy share at the end!

Giving Yourself Permission to Be a “Stem-Cell Superhero” in Consciousness - 1/21/19

January 21, 2019

In this episode, we talk about resistance, fear, anger, illness, etc... and its existence as part of the whole. How that can distract us, drive us, and often control us, which ultimately sets us up with "handicaps." How to look at it all differently, release its power... and shift it all out of the cells, while opening to all possibility. Also, accepting/allowing our own power... and giving ourselves permission to do so.

Accepting and Embodying Our Own Power in Freedom - 1/14/19

January 14, 2019

What if we REALLY stepped fully into our power, free of distractions? First, it's important to realize what those distractions are. There are so many we pile on top of each other, and we're in such the habit of allowing the "convenient distractions" that allow us to prevent ourselves from fully stepping into our own power that we don't even see them that way. In this episode, we look at how to see the distractions, how to see past them, resolving the self-judgment and embracing our whole self to allow ourselves to stand fully in our own, amazing, superhero power! As always, a fabulous energy share at the end; take part outside of space and time!