When Motivation Comes from a Completely Different Place - 12-10-18

December 10, 2018

What if we completely changed the way we were motivated? In the last episode, we talked about how this existence in separation has been a deep instillation of being motivated/propelled from lack and the energies and emotions of separation (fear, anger, etc.). In this episode, we look at what happens when we commit to changing that motivation to coming from bliss and (self-) love, how that can feel odd to us (because it takes far less energy)... and what to do with it, how to focus. Great energy share at the end; join us outside of time and space!


Easier Accelerated Shifting 101 - 12-03-18

December 3, 2018

Change, change, change... shift, shift shift! Collective and individual across the board, it's pretty consistent right now. Some are having a more challenging time with it than others. "That's easy for you to say..." One might claim... but there IS one major thing that MAKES it easy! What is it? Join us and find out... and help to shift yourself to a different place in the energy share at the end!


Transitions, Reflections, Relationships, Transcendence: How They Tie Together - 11-26-18

November 26, 2018

We take a winding path this episode as we start in discussing all of the "transitions" that are going on around us - deaths of pets, people, relationships, roles, etc. - what the transitions represent, how to observe and treat them differently on getting to transcendance and realization... and then the knowing of how to BE in transcendance. Always expansive energy session at the end for everyone outside of time and space!


The “F Word” of Individual and Collective Consciousness, How It Helps Transcendance - 11-19-18

November 19, 2018

Last time we talked about the "Authentic Voice" and it's importance... and this is part of allowing the Authentic Voice to come through. Sounds easy... and it is, ONCE we allow ourselves in the way that serves the bigger picture.

And, as always, uber powerful energy share at the end, where you can join us outside of space and time!


What is the Authentic Voice and Its HUGE Importance (with a Little on Mosquitos and Fairies) - 11-15-18

November 15, 2018

What a HUGE week it's been; so big, we were guided to do a second episode! The domino effects of everything this week have caused some bumps along the road of a snowball rolling downhill... so here we are! 

Why has Angela (and now Sarah) been coughing? Perceptions around observing our own judgments... related to suppressing the "authentic voice" (hint: it's realted to the coughing)... and what's important to shift to allow the full resonance of this voice to happen in one's experience, free flow.

OH... and a little (but important) side discussion about mosquitos, ticks, and fairies... and how they're related! 


With All of This Chaotic Shifting (Change) Going On, It Really Comes Down to This - 11-12-18

November 12, 2018

What started out as what seemed to be a "reminder" turned into something much bigger. There are a lot of levels to guidance, and a lot of levels for us to discern "higher" guidance vs. ego guidance (fear, typically). Just when we THINK we have it licked...

We're at a point in the acceleration of the shifting where there's really no point, energy, or time (in the 3D) to go through the lessons of "not listening," so the messages get loud and clear very quickly! The discomfort or lack of trust comes from the ego - dependence on one's value based on the judgment of others, belief of lack of worth and not believing one has "better guidance for myself than others"... the list goes on. All of this is important in terms of accelerated shifting... because it keeps us clearer, save we let go of a few things...

Join us outside of space and time to explore this and to help shift all systems to flow and alignment!


So, What’s the “Next Step” in Self-Realization? 11-05-18

November 5, 2018

At some point, on the spiritual journey of Awakening and Remembering, we reach a point where we say to the Higher Self, "OK... what do I do now? What takes me even further on the journey? How do I/we do this differently? Show me!" And then we wait. In this episode, we talk about something far, far deeper than "shadow work": what can potentially happen on the path to full Remembrance, wholeness, completion... whatever one wants to call it. It's unexpected... and yet so freeing, we "complete the spiral" in the process. This takes us in a completely new direction... join us, outside of space of time, for the energy share at the end!


How to Even FIND One’s “Purpose” and Embody Your “Divine Note” 10-29-18

October 29, 2018

In a spiritual sense, we often talk about the importance of "living our purpose"... and many default (especially in spiritual practice) to "serving others."


Remembering our purpose has to do with living our bliss... often in ways we've not allowed of ourselves, because of the deeply ingrained cultural importance and exaltation we've put on doing for others before doing for ourselves. We've also made money the main distraction, often giving it more importance and worth than ourselves... even though we created it!

This week, we talk about shifting these perceptions to allow ourselves to really start considering what it means for each of us to fully embody our "Divine Note" in the symphony of the Multiverse. Hint: It starts with realizing our intrinsic worth - regardless of what we're doing right now - and then allowing ourselves to do something differently.

And, of course, power energy share at the end, outside of time and space... so join us!


Is “Being Invisible” Actually Progress in our Evolution Out of the 3D?

October 20, 2018

What would it feel like to be invisible? Many get triggered by that thought (by the ego), and judge that as "bad"... but what if we saw that as a way we actually begin transcending making choices and decisions from the 3D and instead do so from higher consciousness?

What this would mean... and why it would actually be something very freeing... great energy share at the end, join us outside of space and time!


Ready to “Up-Level” in Consciousness? Next-Level Completion of Friction, Mirrors, Externalization

October 17, 2018

Looking at everything as an externalization of something one hasn't wanted to look at within themselves is a big step in consciousness and realization. The energetic phase we've entered is providing a continuous, exponential expansion... requiring really, REALLY freeing ourselves to get beyond the "stuck cycles" we've experienced individually and collectively until now. This is a big deal... because it is REALLY fine tuning awareness, consciousness, acceptance, and getting beyond the trappings of the "ego mind." Shifting our perception to see it all in a different light is crucial. In the midst of some spectacular things happening, this week's discussion became VERY powerful, VERY quickly... and once the clarity of what to do came, BAM! Huge shifting. Come and join us outside of space and time, and participate in the session at the end!