Accepting and Embodying Our Own Power in Freedom - 1/14/19

January 14, 2019

What if we REALLY stepped fully into our power, free of distractions? First, it's important to realize what those distractions are. There are so many we pile on top of each other, and we're in such the habit of allowing the "convenient distractions" that allow us to prevent ourselves from fully stepping into our own power that we don't even see them that way. In this episode, we look at how to see the distractions, how to see past them, resolving the self-judgment and embracing our whole self to allow ourselves to stand fully in our own, amazing, superhero power! As always, a fabulous energy share at the end; take part outside of space and time!


Weight, Money, Illness, Distractions: What’s the Punishment for? Going Beyond - 1/7/19

January 7, 2019

What if we allowed ALL possibility? Could we do so without the expectation of consequence (aka punishment)? A look at the underpinning of the multiverse of separation... and beliefs we've been holding at the collective level that birth one limitation after the other. Let's go beyond it all! Join us outside of space and time for the awesome energy session at the end, too!


Clarity for the Path Moving Forward - 12-31-18

January 1, 2019

What a GREAT topic to head into a new calendar year... more like a new phase! After a HUGE year of intense and very productive (and sometimes overwhelming) shifting, we talk about how to get and trust the clarity of moving forward into "what's next"... how to navigate through into a clearer place. We talk about the core of the issue of how to decide where to go, what to trust above all else, beyond social norms and expectations (translating to externalized validations)... and getting beyond our dependence on relationships to "complete us," distract us, or satisfy (egoic) needs of external validation.

Extremely simple and powerful... and yet many find it the most challenging!

Beautiful start to the calendar year via this amazing energy share at the end...


The Gift of Getting Beyond Our Expectations and to Self-Actualization - 12-24-18

December 24, 2018

There's a lot of "catchphrase talk" about the terms self-actualization, self-realization, enlightenment, and ascension. Ask 5 different people on what any of those terms means... and you'll get 5 different answers. In this episode, Sarah and I talk about perspective when we go beyond ego... and some of the most mundane layers we have that seem to dictate our reality and can perpetuate the prevention of us allowing ourselves to get past any of them (and to actually DO that). The activities of the holiday season are a perfect example... and not the kind of example one might expect! Then join us outside of space and time for a beautiful, beautiful energy share to anchor in being able to transcend that which holds us back!


Shifting Something in Our Core to Make Changes of All Kinds That Much Easier - 12-18-18

December 18, 2018
What a HUGE, important shift! We talk about "coats" we wear, and how we at many levels attach our egoic identity to those coats. Extra weight, a physical flaw, an illness, a situation, a role... and once it's embedded as part of the ego, we hesitate in letting it go because we believe it's important to define ourselves via that "coat"... and we're afraid of losing who we are by losing it.
There's a shift in that perception that makes a huge difference... and allows us to flow through changes - especially big ones - far more easily. It seemingly small, but makes all the difference!
Great energy share (as always) at the end; join us outside of space and time!

When Motivation Comes from a Completely Different Place - 12-10-18

December 10, 2018

What if we completely changed the way we were motivated? In the last episode, we talked about how this existence in separation has been a deep instillation of being motivated/propelled from lack and the energies and emotions of separation (fear, anger, etc.). In this episode, we look at what happens when we commit to changing that motivation to coming from bliss and (self-) love, how that can feel odd to us (because it takes far less energy)... and what to do with it, how to focus. Great energy share at the end; join us outside of time and space!


Easier Accelerated Shifting 101 - 12-03-18

December 3, 2018

Change, change, change... shift, shift shift! Collective and individual across the board, it's pretty consistent right now. Some are having a more challenging time with it than others. "That's easy for you to say..." One might claim... but there IS one major thing that MAKES it easy! What is it? Join us and find out... and help to shift yourself to a different place in the energy share at the end!


Transitions, Reflections, Relationships, Transcendence: How They Tie Together - 11-26-18

November 26, 2018

We take a winding path this episode as we start in discussing all of the "transitions" that are going on around us - deaths of pets, people, relationships, roles, etc. - what the transitions represent, how to observe and treat them differently on getting to transcendance and realization... and then the knowing of how to BE in transcendance. Always expansive energy session at the end for everyone outside of time and space!


The “F Word” of Individual and Collective Consciousness, How It Helps Transcendance - 11-19-18

November 19, 2018

Last time we talked about the "Authentic Voice" and it's importance... and this is part of allowing the Authentic Voice to come through. Sounds easy... and it is, ONCE we allow ourselves in the way that serves the bigger picture.

And, as always, uber powerful energy share at the end, where you can join us outside of space and time!


What is the Authentic Voice and Its HUGE Importance (with a Little on Mosquitos and Fairies) - 11-15-18

November 15, 2018

What a HUGE week it's been; so big, we were guided to do a second episode! The domino effects of everything this week have caused some bumps along the road of a snowball rolling downhill... so here we are! 

Why has Angela (and now Sarah) been coughing? Perceptions around observing our own judgments... related to suppressing the "authentic voice" (hint: it's realted to the coughing)... and what's important to shift to allow the full resonance of this voice to happen in one's experience, free flow.

OH... and a little (but important) side discussion about mosquitos, ticks, and fairies... and how they're related!