Ascended World

BEing Free from Expectations (and How Crucial That Is Right Now) - 4/1/19

April 1, 2019

Over the past several episodes, we've been focusing on getting to a place of Remembrance where we are doing from BEing (vs. "doing to Be). The deepest sets of layers that we tend to be blind to within ourselves are those around habitual expectations. Do we expect to sleep? Do we expect to wake up in the morning, and to wake up human? Do we expect we have to do, create, and manifest things within the constructs of the illusion of time? There are too many to list... and ultimately, they are held as beliefs that cause us to hold on to the structure here in the 3D that we've had instead of allowing it to evolve to what's next. Time to allow the evolution, within ourselves and in our realities! How this ties in to our consciousness, how we create, how we manifest... and how to do it differently.