Ascended World

Changing Our Definition and Attachment to “Power” - 11/25/19

November 25, 2019

When we say "stepping into one's power," what is it that is meant by that? It all depends on the definitions of "power" by the individual who is saying it. Is power something that has to exist over someone else? Is there a belief that to be powerful, someone has to be powerless? We might say no... but in duality/separation, one often depends on the other, measuring against the lack.

When we start to simply allow ourselves to "come online" into Remembrance, and allow our Divine power without dependency on anyone else (i.e., that there needs to someone to follow you, that there needs to be someone to learn from you, to benefit from your power, etc.), then we help the ego to let go of attachment to our identity... and allow true connection to and embodiment of our higher purpose.