Ascended World

Dispersing and Moving Beyond (Hidden) Co-Dependencies in Beliefs of Betrayal - 7/15/19

July 15, 2019

Frustrated in circling around in your life with situations you "thought" you had resolved? Coming to a cyclical impasse in situations in your life - including relationships and physical issues?

Last week, we talked about bringing the "crumbs" of what holds us back front and center, and DISPERSING them... which brought up a whole new level of resistance by the ego. "No, not that! We HAVE to hold on to this because..." For some, the resistance made it feel really yucky, until one remembered to DISPERSE it...

This week, we've gone to the "next level"... uncovered those "yucky" hidden things. Where it comes from, how many layers are connected to it (in all kinds of directions), and letting it all go once and for all!