Ascended World

Have You Felt Huge Shifts and Then Anger and/or Anxiety?

June 24, 2019

24 Jun 19 - There was HUGE shifting last week, as we were completing and resolving "karmic debt"/soul agreements... opening us up collectively and individually to a whole new base level of the levels of Divine Wholeness we're embodying.

The higher self is saying, "It's time..." and to step into this new level of Remembrance is to really clean out the folds where the little crumbs of limitation and belief have been hiding.

This can be VERY uncomfortable, cause huge amounts of crankiness and/or anxiety that the ego tries very heartily to project onto SOMETHING.

Here, we talk about how to allow and accept this embodiment... and to do so with full acceptance, with flow and ease. GREAT energy share at the end... come and join us!