Ascended World

How to Even FIND One’s “Purpose” and Embody Your “Divine Note” 10-29-18

October 29, 2018

In a spiritual sense, we often talk about the importance of "living our purpose"... and many default (especially in spiritual practice) to "serving others."


Remembering our purpose has to do with living our bliss... often in ways we've not allowed of ourselves, because of the deeply ingrained cultural importance and exaltation we've put on doing for others before doing for ourselves. We've also made money the main distraction, often giving it more importance and worth than ourselves... even though we created it!

This week, we talk about shifting these perceptions to allow ourselves to really start considering what it means for each of us to fully embody our "Divine Note" in the symphony of the Multiverse. Hint: It starts with realizing our intrinsic worth - regardless of what we're doing right now - and then allowing ourselves to do something differently.

And, of course, power energy share at the end, outside of time and space... so join us!