Ascended World

Next Level Mastery: Can You Follow Guidance Without Translating It? 7/29/19

July 30, 2019

There's been a lot of our higher selves pushing us through the doorway into a new phase of conscious expansion... we've been resolving and completing SO MUCH at the individual and collective levels!

So, what's the trick in the transition through this doorway to our collective next phase? How do we do it easily, with flow, and transcendent to what looks like chaos all around us (including in our day-to-day lives)?

We've come to a new level of mastery: Recognizing that our mind/ego believes it must first translate guidance into words before understanding/acting on it. This is a VERY deeply ingrained habit... one we'll claim over and over we don't do. Yet, when we allow that instantaneous connection, free of thought and explanation, we really exude our abilities of magical creation.

It's as simple as we allow it to be. How to see it, how to trust it...