Ascended World

Perspective Beyond the Burning Bushes to Self-Love and Authenticity - 2/4/19

February 4, 2019

Such a powerful gift in this discussion! When we have intense anger, fear, judgment, etc. come up, one of the most important parts of committing to the journey of Divine Self-Remembrance is staying in observance, even if there are huge wildfires going on emotionally from the ego!

Starting with Angela's personal experience of a fit of anger (and Sarah's in parallel), walking through the importance of letting the fire run its course without further feeding it as best as possible. Keeping "our eyes on the prize" - the authenticity of being our fully empowered Divine Self - to get through a TON of deep, hidden limitations that we might not believe we still have on the journey.

How this is UBER powerful... and an incredible gift... beyond what the mind *thinks* is necessary ("analysis paralysis), and why it's EVEN MORE powerful when we get beyond that in practice.

That's just the beginning... where we end up is a celebration of ourselves, in full unconditional self-love, self-realization, and authenticity, in the full potential of the Divine, infinite Beings we are. HUGELY powerful energy share at the end... join us!