Ascended World

Ready to “Up-Level” in Consciousness? Next-Level Completion of Friction, Mirrors, Externalization

October 17, 2018

Looking at everything as an externalization of something one hasn't wanted to look at within themselves is a big step in consciousness and realization. The energetic phase we've entered is providing a continuous, exponential expansion... requiring really, REALLY freeing ourselves to get beyond the "stuck cycles" we've experienced individually and collectively until now. This is a big deal... because it is REALLY fine tuning awareness, consciousness, acceptance, and getting beyond the trappings of the "ego mind." Shifting our perception to see it all in a different light is crucial. In the midst of some spectacular things happening, this week's discussion became VERY powerful, VERY quickly... and once the clarity of what to do came, BAM! Huge shifting. Come and join us outside of space and time, and participate in the session at the end!