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October 22, 2018

There's currently SO MUCH spiritual and metaphysical information out there around enlightenment, ascension, "the shift"... yet, part of the biggest challenge is that we've gotten very distracted with the "shinies" (all of this colorful information beyond the 3D), and in many cases aren't sure how any of it translates into what to actually do with this esoteric information. Visions, multiple dimensions, understandings from other parts of the multiverse, "channellings" of higher consciousness... How do we apply it all? How do we implement and LIVE all of this information right now?

Join Angela Coulter and Sarah Sieg on their weekly discussions focused on flowing forward through all of this. Through interchanges around their personal experiences, challenges, and goals for creation, they consistently examine and integrate new tidbits of concepts, understandings, and epiphanies from the personal level in ways that ALWAYS translate into the collective level... which will always translate back to anyone's individual level, as well. And at the end... a "collective energy share," where they shift out into the Oneness and create things differently, to again... support the energy of flowing forward and expansion.

This has been a continuous conversation that started back in 2014... and the topics just get bigger and bigger! Come in, join the fun, and get an energy clearing every week... it will ALWAYS be relevant! 

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