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About Sarah Sieg

October 29, 2018

Sarah Sieg Avignone has a purpose of listening, understanding and supporting women in their day-to-day journey to self-fulfillment.  She draws on her 14 years of experience in alternative therapies to create a nourishing environment to learn and expand the body, mind, and spirit synergy. Sarah’s focus supports individual growth and understandings in order to go beyond fears, limitations, and non-serving beliefs to bring a sense of deep healing, self-fulfillment, and empowerment. Beginning in 2004, Sarah began her training in a variety of modalities and practices, including Trinity Energy Progression, Quantum Touch, Core Star Healing School Advanced Series, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Sarah provides support for women on their journey to reclaiming themselves in her online Facebook group Wildly Selfish Women. This group provides an interactive, private space for members to explore ways of becoming self-loving, self-sufficient and empowered. Her Facebook business page, Sarah Sieg, details her ideas as well as schedules of classes and workshops. Sarah also works one-on-one with clients (in person and remotely).

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