Ascended World

Doing Connection Differently Altogether - 7/1/19

July 3, 2019

Over the past several episodes, we've focused on karmic debt resolution, allowing ourselves and remembering how to be a Pillar of Wholeness (and letting the "crumbs" hidden by the ego in the folds of our being come front and center, surrendering to their resolution)... this week, this next step is around shifting our entire way of connection from the transcendar way of BEing as we discussed.

We're changing our energy and our presence; however, what's often left "in the folds" are these deeply embedded habits that we have on auto-pilot... but when we let them continue after changing our core energy, they don't work anymore. Something breaks.

SO much around this... and in allowing and committing to resolution of the "old habits" and to allowing connection, BEing in a completely new way, that takes us to changing beyond the speed of thought.